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What I Saw Happen -- Q1 2019

Overall -- Tech scrutiny is here, 5G is lurking and trust is eroding  

  • Ad load increasing everywhere by publishers and platforms

  • U.S. adults spend ten hours and 30 minutes per day connected to media, the same amount as one year ago

  • The iPhone has stolen time from every other media form over the past 10 years

  • The amount of people looking for jobs in ad tech is out of equilibrium, there are more job seekers than there are jobs available today. I don’t see this getting better, EVER. In the past, most people in ad tech were pulled into a new job today they all need to go look for a new job which can take months/years

  • CES is the perfect time of the year. Post holidays and get out of cold NYC, extends everyone's holiday another week

  • More erosion of trust across tech platforms

  • Brand advertising works

  • 5G really means NO LATENCY; ability to download a movie in seconds. Many households will cut the monopolistic broadband cord

  • China has a huge middle-class upwards of 400 million people

  • In the United States, the Internet is a utility, like water or electricity.  Google, Facebook and Amazon are not utilities

  • Large companies with technology experts on their respective boards do better in the long term. These technology experts can help these companies financially

  • Apple going all in on privacy, and will  promote privacy, especially for the next 5G phone upgrade cycle

  • Breaking up the tech giants have millions of UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES that none of us understand

  • Pretty much everyone who is watching television is on a second screen at the same time, unless you are watching Game Of Thrones

  • Anti-trust is one of the few government actions that always works

  • We should also break up the IAB

  • It’s okay not to be a leader but you need to be a fast follower

  • Innovate or die

  • It is always better to be part of a growing company and not a shrinking company

  • Lastly, as I always say, hire more analysts and teach them to fish not using excel

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