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What I Saw Happen -- Q4 2018

Overall -- Spend more time thinking long term

  • Be like Amazon/Bezos start to plan today for 2-3 years in the future

  • Benchmarking is critical, we need more of it in the ecosystem; as an example, I have been helping STAQ with their programmatic benchmarking and think it truly insightful with real actionable insights

  • Pattern recognition is critical in today’s complicated advertising landscape

  • If you are not creating your dead! Status quo is STILL unacceptable in today's world

  • Millions of ideas out there, execution is everything, you need to believe and trust the people, if you can't hire the best people you can't win

  • Everything that had can be digitized in the world will be digitized

  • Media cycles keep recreating themselves we will soon have an aggregator of the skinny bundles

  • Did you do your Thanksgiving Black Friday and Cyber Monday programmatic post-mortem?

  • Tech is everything today, Tech is the oxygen in the room of all we do

  • No real innovation coming from the United States, probably coming from China and other countries in the future

  • Recurring revenue streams always are the best though these companies need massive amount of capital to be able to pull this off -- think Netflix and Amazon

  • eSports/eGaming is still growing toward the mainstream, but there are no clear winners/losers yet, this is a huge opportunity for some traditional media companies

  • Again, hire more analysts -- I think i say this every quarter   

  • There is an ad tech business for everything cannabis -- DSP, DMP, Social Network, Ad Network...

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